Applications for Ecology - written by Michael Nobis

SideLook 1.1.01  for Windows

Sidelook provides a software tool for the analysis of vertical vegetation structure. It was developed in particular for herbaceous stands of grassland communities. The analysis is based on digital images which are taken with a standardized method [1]. SideLook 1.1 includes now a new approach of automatic thresholding [2], originally developed for the binarisation of hemispherical canopy-photographs. SideLook is at present free of charge. After a 60 day evaluation period registration is required.

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[1] ZEHM, A., NOBIS, M., SCHWABE, A. (2003): Multiparameter analysis of vertical vegetation structure based on digital image processing. Flora 198(2): 142-160.

[2] NOBIS, M., HUNZIKER, U. (2005): Automatic thresholding for hemispherical canopy-photographs based on edge detection. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 128 (2): 243-250.

Positiometer  for Windows (prototype)

The computer-aided method facilitates detailed investigations of the horizontal vegetation structure on the individual or grid level (e.g. 5 cm x 5 cm). Individuals to be mapped or other structures are indicated by hand with a bright spot of light and digitalized by continuous image processing in millimetre coordinates. The capacity of the application is several hundred individuals or grid cells per hour. For application examples from the field of succession research see NOBIS 1998 (in German).

NOBIS, M. (1998): Vegetationsentwicklung auf anthropogen gestörten Sand- und Kiesböden der Oberrheinebene: Prognosen zur längerfristigen Sukzession auf Grundlage einer kurzfristigen Untersuchung (space-for-time substitution). - Landesanstalt für Umweltschutz Baden-Württemberg, Berichte PAÖ. (PDF, HTML)
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